Light is something that most of us depend on daily no matter who we are or where we are living on the planet. But it is not something that we put a lot of thought into. Light is usually just there when you need it. When you go outside you are under the glow of the sun or a streetlight. When inside your home you will likely have several different fixtures illuminating the various rooms. We at Light Symposium are all about the power of light and the many things that it brings to us.

The Light Symposium is run by the Lighting Academy at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The first event took place in 2008 in Germany and the 2010 event was in Stockholm. Here the main theme that was discussed was Natural Light: Daylight and artificial lighting of mankind. There were speakers from various fields of science and architecture who presented lectures on topics like light pollution, the biological aspects of light, and the interaction of light, plants, and mankind. Throughout this conference, people interested in lighting design were invited to not only gain knowledge from the speakers but also participate in interactive discussions. The latest in technological advancements were discussed.

Daylight is a huge part of architectural lighting and you will find many differences to how it is used throughout both Western and Asian cultures. Anyone who is interested in how the buildings that we live and work in come to be would get something out of this event. There are those who are talking about lighting on a practical level and those that are presenting ideas and issues that might come up in the future.

This site is all about the topics and ideas that were first presented at the Light Symposium. We even want to go that step further and give you even more information about natural and man-made light and the different impacts that is has on the world around us. This is a great source for budding environmental scientists to those that are looking into starting a career as an interior designer or an electrician. You might read about solar energy in one article and get some pointers on how to brighten up a living room with the next.

The first Light Symposium had the topic "The Future of Light and Lighting" and was meant to help those in the industry stay on the forefront of all of the new developments that were happening all across the globe. This was a way for the great minds of today to start educating those that will be at the head of the field in the next twenty years or more. We want to make sure that anyone who is interested in light has access to the latest news and stories when it comes to these topics. Come and visit often and you will find all that you're looking for on the subject and while you are surfing around, please take a moment to look at the site of one our website sponsors, Cleantek Water Solutions. You can find more information on their rotary drum and screen products by paying a visit to their website.

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